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Maybe you want a newspaper published a hundred years ago? You will definitely get such an offer if you browse through the street art works installed in the Old Town of Vilnius and scan the QR codes next to them. This is how the art project Walls that Remember entered a new stage.

Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 10.31.54.png

The works are supplemented with audio miniatures - works written by a screenwriter and performed by professional actors in the studio. Audio miniatures are recorded in Lithuanian and English.

Four works of Walls that Remember were supplemented with sound applications: "The Wise Man"  (Gaono St. 4), “The Paper Boys” (M.Antokolskio St.), “Man from the Trade District”  (Stikliai Hotel facade) and “Street Musicians” (corner of Vokiečių and Sv. Mikalojaus St.). 

You can listen to all audio stories without leaving your homes by clicking on the following links:

"The Wise Man"  - audio in Lithuanian and audio in English ; 

"The Paper Boys" - audio in Lithuanian and audio in English ;

"Man from the Trade District"  - audio in Lithuanian and audio in English ;

"Street Musicians"  - audio in Lithuanian and audio in English ;

A detailed story about the project was prepared by the LRT TV show "Labas rytas, Lietuva":

The project was implemented by Kiaurai Sienas together with screenwriter Irma Bogdanovičiūtė and sound director Germans Skorius. Actors Jurgis Marčėnas, Justas Tertelis, Justina Kaminskaitė, Jokūbas Černiauskas and Justina Smieliauskaitė gave the characters votes. We also thank Saulius Petreikis for the music. The project was funded by Vilnius City Municipality.

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