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Art Laboratory "Kiaurai sienas" is currently working with partners on the project "Career Portraits". It is a complex project involving art, social skills development and volunteering. It seeks to take a different view of people serving a custodial sentence.

The Career Portraits team works with people serving prison sentences in the Kaunas Juvenile Detention Center, as well as in the Panevėžys Correctional Facility in Vilnius. A group of artists, social educators and volunteers carry out activities dedicated to the social integration of convicts into the community. One of the aims of the project is to invite the public to a conversation through the language of contemporary art.

In the course of the project, the art laboratory "Kiaurai sienas" will implement 5 works of art, which will be exhibited in public spaces. Street art will feature portraits of convicts based on live sketching and communication.


"In order to help these people to adapt to society after such a difficult stage in life, it is necessary to create a two-way relationship. Because punishment closes not once, but twice. In a sense, society closes the person who has served the sentence once again, distancing himself from him. It is this closed circle that we will try to break through the language of art, ”says Lina Šlipavičiūtė-Černiauskienė, the founder of the art laboratory Kiaurai sienas.


The idea of "career portraits" was developed in collaboration with partners from a public institution  "Written hands", which volunteers since 2019. works with young people serving sentences in Kaunas remand center. The main project partner is the National Institute for Social Integration, which is responsible for coordinating the project and developing a social skills development program for career planning.


Photos by Ieva Kotryna Matulaitytė

Career Portraits funded by the European Social Fund Agency through the Alternative Investment Detector project

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