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The art campaign "Two Meters of Art" took place in the cafes of the capital "Huracan" for several weeks. Its creator, artist Lina Šlipavičiūtė-Černiauskienė, and her creators created live  a cycle of artistic sketches in which it is immortalized  the new everyday life of Vilnius residents, dictated by  coronavirus pandemics. 


The campaign started as an initiative of one artist and ended as a team work. Three more shareholders joined the campaign in May. The youngest participant is twelve years old.

Artists in the course of the project  sketched  both casual passers-by and cafes  customers to whom a cup of coffee provided  possibility to sit without protective masks. The completed works are exhibited in the Huracan café on Vokiečių Street in the capital. After recognizing themselves, Vilnius residents can  pick up gifts.

The campaign aims not only to diversify the quarantine period, but also to draw attention to the community of artists who have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.


"It simply came to our notice then. Both because of masks and because of the unknown. Artists can’t hold exhibitions, musicians can’t give concerts, and no one knows how long this will continue. The cafes, bars and restaurants sector also lives in complete obscurity. We want not only to share our creations, but also to remind us of the difficult situation we are all in. I'm glad Huracan wants to talk about it, too  "Two-meter art house", says L.Šlipavičiūtė-Černiauskienė. 

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